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Business Consulting

Tampa Business Consulting

Although we are primarily commercial litigators at Older Lundy Kotch & Martino, we have also had the honor of being entrusted with more general legal and business advisory services. Frequently, these situations arise after we’ve successfully completed litigation work for a client. Thanks to our commitment to personalized service and our strong business backgrounds, we tend to get involved in your business in a way that other litigators may not. As a result, we’ve developed a business advisory practice that complements our litigation work.

This is not a traditional business transactional practice. Our experience does not include producing the kind of complex documents associated with traditional business transactional work. Rather, we are experienced litigators with a strong entrepreneurial background, having founded and grown several of our own businesses. We bring that experience to clients who express interest, helping with matters like:

  • Negotiating or renegotiating contracts
  • Structuring a business
  • Securing financing, including nontraditional financing
  • Buying, selling, and leasing property
  • HR matters, including employment contracts
  • Planning strategies for litigation—or for avoiding litigation
  • Regulatory compliance, particularly in the healthcare industry
  • Long-term roles as outside general counsel
  • Nonlegal consulting on business decisions

Our business consulting experience includes multiple roles as outside general counsel. Attorney Sam Heller has also been brought on to help a client radically restructure its business, a role that required both legal work—multiple contracts, financing issues, regulatory compliance—and nonlegal work. That nonlegal business consulting work included creating and implementing new processes that affected multiple aspects of the client’s day-to-day work. After the restructuring was complete, he remained an advisor to the client, providing legal and nonlegal advice on business decisions.

A Deep Business Background

At Older Lundy Kotch & Martino, we have a unique skill set that brings extra value to the work we do for you.

Because we’ve nurtured our own businesses, we have firsthand experience with the daily details of running a business—the decisions that need to be made and the interests that business leaders must weigh as they make those decisions. We also understand what the success or failure of a business means to you, especially when you’ve poured your heart and your savings into your venture.

We combine that background with our experience as litigators, which helps us see the long-term legal consequences of everyday business decisions. Unlike most other business consultants, we have substantial experience in the courtroom; attorney Sam Heller has tried more than 30 complex commercial cases to completion. We know a legal matter, even one where the law is clearly on your side, can be an existential threat to a moderately sized business. In a business consulting context, that experience helps us advise you on decisions that keep your business running smoothly and out of court—unless a court case is in your best interests.

Based in Tampa, Older Lundy Kotch & Martino, represents clients across Tampa Bay and the entire state of Florida on everyday business matters and complex commercial litigation. For a consultation about your situation and how we can help, call us today at 813-254-8998.