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Tampa Complex Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Complex commercial litigation includes a variety of types of commercial litigation. The common denominator in these cases is typically a large number of parties and/or multiple related cases that are consolidated together. Common examples include the following:

  • Consumer class actions. A consumer class action is a case in which an allegedly fraudulent or unlawful business practice, or a defective product subject to recall, affects a large number of consumers in a similar fashion. In many cases, the cost of litigation would preclude a single consumer from pursuing his or her rights separately, but the class action mechanism makes it financially possible for consumers to enforce their rights.
  • Securities class actions. A securities class action is a case in which an allegedly false statement or omission is made on behalf of a company, artificially inflating the price of the company’s stock for a period of time until the true facts are discovered. Persons who purchased shares of the stock while the stock price was artificially high and either sold or continue to hold the stock at the corrected, lower price may have a claim for securities fraud. In most cases, the cost of litigation would preclude a single shareholder from pursuing his or her claims separately, but the class action mechanism allows the shareholders to enforce their rights.
  • Employment class actions. There are both state and federal laws that provide a variety of protection to employees. These laws may provide a cause of action to certain classifications of employees who are not properly compensated for all the hours they work, and to employees who are subjected to certain other practices that violate state or local labor law.
  • Insurance coverage disputes. Homeowners and business owners pay for insurance coverage to protect them from liability for negligence and certain other acts that could result in liability to a third person. When a third person brings or threatens a claim against a policy holder that is covered or potentially covered by an insurance policy, the policy holder may have a right to both defense and indemnity by the insurance company. A policy holder may have a claim against the insurance company if the insurance company fails to provide defense or indemnity. In some cases, where multiple insurance policies are involved, the litigation may involve various claims, counterclaims, cross-claims, and third-party claims.

The attorneys in the Tampa complex litigation practice of Older Lundy Koch & Martino are experienced on both sides of these complex commercial disputes, as well as other types of complex commercial litigation, and can assist you in determining whether you may have a claim, and can pursue the claim on your behalf.