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In today’s face-paced business environment it is imperative to have responsive attorneys who are qualified to meet all of your legal needs. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations by aggressively pursuing and protecting our clients’ goals through intelligent, innovative, and honest advice. Given our attorneys’ training and backgrounds, we offer the same range of legal counsel normally found at larger firms, yet still maintain very personal attention to detail and service.

    Corporate & Tax

    Florida Corporate & Tax Law

    Corporate Law

    As part of our corporate practice, we often act in a cost-effective and efficient general counsel role, providing advice and counsel on day-to-day legal issues, including contractual matters, corporate governance matters and various other legal issues that arise in the ordinary operation of our clients’ businesses. Our corporate attorneys have experience with businesses of all sizes, and treat the role of corporate lawyer as a critical advisor to the management team. We recognize the importance of fast, efficient and thorough service.

    We handle the formation of all types of corporate entities, and we regularly assist with corporate governance matters, including annual meetings, board meetings and resolutions. We draft, revise and interpret shareholders agreements and LLC operating agreements, negotiate and draft employment and consulting agreements and associated non-disclosure agreements, and often provide real-time advice on employment matters. We also draft option plans and other types of equity incentive arrangements in the corporate context. Finally, we have a wealth of experience negotiating, drafting and providing advice on license agreements, distribution agreements, software development agreements, and various other forms of commercial agreements, including the purchase and sale of businesses and business assets.

    Regardless of the task at hand, we always take a practical, businessperson’s approach to crafting workable, efficient solutions. We understand that our clients are focused on achieving well-defined business objectives, and are looking for us to present them with legal strategies that support those goals, while also helping them to avoid potential risks, all without incurring unnecessary legal expenses.

    Tax Law

    There can be much riding on the outcome of a tax controversy. A notice of deficiency, audit, tax assessment or unpaid tax debt can create serious financial problems. Our tax practice involves a variety of functions, but here are some of the things that our tax attorneys do best:

    Negotiating and Preparing Tax Installment Agreements

    If you are unable to pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or your State, in full, for the taxes you owe, you may be able to qualify for a tax payment plan that lets you pay the tax owed over a period of time.

    Audits and Tax Investigations

    We represent individuals, professionals, commercial businesses and business owners facing tax audits by the IRS or State taxing authorities.

    Release of Tax Liens and Levys

    The IRS will file federal tax liens and may impose tax levys on your assets and wages for unpaid federal income taxes. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy or Notice of Filing of Federal Tax Lien, we likely will be able to help you protect your rights.

    Payroll Tax Issues

    The Internal Revenue Code requires employers to withhold Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, and income taxes from the wages of their employees, and to pay their share of the payroll taxes as well. Sometimes this leads to a dispute with the IRS and our tax attorneys are experienced in assisting clients address and resolve these issues.

    Tax Settlements

    There are many methods to successfully settle back taxes with the tax authorities, and our attorneys understand the tax laws and how to apply them in your favor. If you qualify, our tax attorneys likely can help you considerably reduce the amount of taxes you owe through a tax settlement or an installment payment plan.

    Tax Litigation

    Whether in state or federal court, we have the ability to fight for your rights with taxing authorities. If you receive a notice from the state or federal government, your time is limited to respond and we can help. We have the experience to advise you on the proper course of action, including an analysis of the likelihood of success in your case.

    Simply put, the primary goals of our tax practice are to save our client’s money and protect them from unfair treatment by tax authorities.

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