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Our Tampa family lawyers are a large group of highly skilled, experienced and settlement-minded attorneys. We also draw upon the resources of our Financial Analysis Support Team, which handles some or all of the financial issues in our family law cases and has within it a forensic accountant. The size of our family law team enables us to staff your case with multiple attorneys and, when we need to, our forensic accountant. This means that we can tackle any issue with exceptional efficiency and responsiveness and that we can often do things more cost effectively than our opponents.

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Florida Family Law

We know when and how to be aggressive in a manner that is focused on getting a case to the finish line. We can handle any kind of a family law case, at any stage, and we make it a point to set realistic expectations at the onset of any representation.

We know there are among the most difficult and stressful issues a person can face. And we know that our job is to get them resolved as quickly and discretely as possible, no exceptions.

Why we’re different:

Clients receive extraordinary personal service.

Our team is available to you 24/7. We have offices in Tampa, Clearwater, Trinity, Dade City and Wesley Chapel.  When other attorneys go home, we’re working. When other attorneys send your call to voicemail, we pick up our cell phones. When you call us, you always get a return phone call that day, usually within hours. When one of us cannot address an emergency, another member of the team will step up and handle it.

We are extremely efficient and work to quickly resolve your case.

We have highly skilled, aggressive, experienced attorneys and a full-time forensic accountant who work exclusively in the area of marital and family law. The size of our family law team empowers us to staff your case with multiple attorneys and, when we need to, our accountant. This means that we can tackle any issue with exceptional efficiency and responsiveness. When your case requires a hurried turnaround time, we make the deadline and handle the emergency. We know you don’t want to live with on-going legal issues. We keep your case moving and get it resolved.

Your case is unique and we treat it that way.

We match the right attorneys and staff to your case. By getting to know you and staffing your case specifically for you, we create a trusting and comfortable environment. We know this is one of the most difficult and stressful situations life can throw at you. We can handle any kind of family law case, at any stage, against any other attorney. No excuses, no exceptions.

Our innovative team delivers for you.

We use cutting edge technology and legal training. Armed with these tools, our attorneys and staff can accurately and efficiently research and analyze any issue.

Forensic accounting can be an essential part of a family law case and that’s why we have a full-time forensic accountant. This kind of accounting allows us to value assets, trace lost money, and analyze alimony and child support figures. Our accountant gives us a deeper understanding of the financial issues in your case faster than our opponents; and without spending money on a more expensive outside party.

We know how to amicably resolve your case.

We have a hands-on, personal, family-oriented approach to our clients’ cases. We emphasize negotiation and settlement of family disputes.

In every case, we emphasize the value and importance of amicably resolving issues. The vast majority of our cases are settled, in whole or in part.

We are trained in the area of collaborative family law; a new and alternative approach to resolving family law issues. The collaborative process is often much more private and dignified than litigation.

If your case cannot be settled, we know how to aggressively litigate.

While we will always try to resolve cases outside of court, we recognize that family law can be adversarial. We are ready and willing to aggressively pursue your rights in court.

In one of our recent cases, the other party moved to Ohio with the parties’ two minor children without our client’s consent and without a judge’s approval. This was a clear violation of Florida law and a violation of our client’s rights under his Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. We immediately filed an emergency motion for contempt and for the return of the children to Florida. Soon thereafter, our client’s rights were restored, the children were returned to Florida, and the other party was ordered to pay all of our legal fees. Bottom line: this is a good example of when aggressive litigation is, quite simply, necessary. We will fight for our clients and for their families.

If your case is particularly complex, we know how to do things that many other family law practices do not.

Older Lundy Koch & Martino services are comprehensive and our Tampa family lawyers handle more technical areas of family law, including appellate work. We handle your case from beginning to end and we don’t shy away from difficult, technical areas of the law. When other family law attorneys do not have the training or experience to do this kind of work, they will often refer their clients to us.

As well, many other family law firms have to refer their clients’ appeals to outside law firms and those new appellate lawyers have to learn the case from scratch. We represent you every step of the way.

Your case is about your family and your life.

Above all else, we believe that family issues are best resolved by families. We give you the advice you need so you can make your own decisions. We do not interfere with your personal decisions and we do not create problems where problems do not exist

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