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The Premises liability attorneys at Older Lundy Koch & Martino represent persons who suffer injuries or are the victims of criminal acts while on the property of another person or business.

Premises Liability Lawyer

Florida Premises Liability Law

Generally, people and businesses who own property, lease property, or operate businesses on a property have a duty to use reasonable care to prevent injury to people who come on the property, but the specific duties vary according to the circumstances. For example, a higher duty of care may be owed to a consumer who is injured while shopping in a place open to the public than the duty of care owed to a person injured after entering the property of another without permission.

The duty to use reasonable care to protect the safety of a person includes a duty to correct or warn of dangerous conditions – slippery floors in a supermarket, for example. It also includes a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe from criminal acts. In some cases, a victim of a criminal act may have a claim for negligence against a business owner for failure to maintain sufficient security, lighting or safety measures in place.

If you were injured on someone else’s property—whether you were invited there or not—it is important to determine whether the property owner, lessee or operator failed to take reasonable action that could have prevented a foreseeable injury.