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Tampa Property Insurance Claims & Disputes Lawyer

Our Florida insurance claims lawyers have experience in dealing with insurance companies and requiring them to act in a manner commensurate with the regulations set forth by the Florida Legislature and Department of Financial Responsibility. Insurance companies are there for your benefit, and if you have an appropriate insurance claim, we can litigate that claim to make sure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. We specialize in first- and third- party property insurance claims.  With over 20 years of experience, our attorneys have experience representing both the insurance companies and the policyholders.

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    Florida Property Insurance Claims & Disputes Law

    Older Lundy Koch & Martino attorneys have represented many Commercial building policyholders with their insurance claim involving claimed damages caused by cracks, settlement and the collapse of Condominium and Commercial Residential buildings and/or their components. Building cracks are most common problem found in any type of building. Typical causes of damage, include but are not limited to, heavy construction work near the building, explosions, natural calamity such as wind or sinkhole, seismic loads or foundation settlement, soil failure, construction faults, improper design, and inadequate joints resulting in building cracks. Understanding that building cracks cannot be prevented entirely, but they can be controlled, by using acceptable material and proper technique of construction and specific design criteria can assist in mitigating the damages. When the structural integrity and/or collapse of part or all of the building occurs, resulting in an insurance claim, these are the types of claims that can be amicably resolved through the use of legal and technical experience, reliance on the policy language and use of experts. Collapse and settlement insurance claims are fact-specific, requiring proper interpretation of the insurance policy language is crucial. As new case law evolves involving collapse insurance coverage has changed how these claims are processed and disputed by insurance company adjusters. A policyholder who has sustained a partial or complete collapse, it is absolutely necessary to get involved an experienced legal counsel who has years of past experience of being a policyholder advocate, along with the resources and contacts to document, litigate if necessary, and amicably settle the claim. Given the health, life and safety issues involved, the insurance claim must be timely resolved to ensure the policyholder has the necessary insurance benefits to complete the restorative work as soon as possible.

    Additional examples of insurance claims that we can handle nationwide include:


    • First- and Third- Party Property Insurance Disputes
    • Hurricane Claims
    • Fire & Smoke Insurance Claims
    • Tornado Insurance Claims
    • Water, Flood & Mold Damage Insurance Claims
    • Theft & Vandalism Insurance Claims
    • Sinkhole Claims
    • Hail & Roof Claims
    • Agent Liability
    • Bad Faith Insurance Claims


    • Business Interruption Claims
    • Restaurant Insurance Claims
    • Hotel Damage Insurance Claims
    • Government & Municipality Insurance Claims
    • Condominium Association Claims
    • Homeowner Association (HOA) Claims
    • All Damages to Commercial Property