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At Older Lundy Koch & Martino , our Tampa real estate litigation practice involves the representation of buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and developers of residential and commercial real estate. Our practice involves all types of disputes arising out of the acquisition, financing, development, construction, sale, management and leasing of real property.

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    Acquisition and Sale. The acquisition and sale of real estate is usually governed by a contractual relationship. Where a buyer reneges or becomes unable to fulfill its obligations, and/or where a seller is unwilling or unable to deliver the rights promised, litigation may result. Attorneys in our real estate litigation practice represent both buyers and sellers, taking strategic and aggressive action to enforce their rights pursuant to contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate. We also represent brokers and agents who may incur financial harm in the event a transaction does not close due to the breach of one of the parties.

    Financing. Most large real estate acquisitions involve bank or third-party financing. Litigation may arise out of a dispute between the lender or prospective lender, on the one hand, and one of the parties to the transaction (usually but not always the buyer) on the other hand. Clients of our real estate litigation practice include borrowers, prospective borrowers, and lenders

    Development. The development of real property—into, for example, residential subdivisions, residential and commercial condominiums, office buildings, and retail centers—involves multiple phases. A dispute with a counter-party at any of these phases can bring a project to a standstill. Such disputes may arise with respect to the acquisition of the land, the financing of the acquisition of the land and/or construction, zoning and entitlement issues, construction bidding. Our real estate litigation attorneys have experience representing parties on either side of these disputes.

    Landlord/Tenant Issues. For lessors and lessees of commercial property, disputes may arise regarding issues such as the payment of rent, the obligation to repair or restore damaged property, subleases and assignments, and options and first refusal rights. Our real estate litigation attorneys represent both landlords and tenants. They understand not only that winning is important, but that any delay in the resolution of these disputes can cost the client significant amounts of money and opportunity. We aggressively protect your property rights.

    Owner/Manager Liability. The ownership and management of real property involves significant responsibility to third parties. Owners and managers of real property may face tort claims from persons injured on or around the real property, they may face claims stemming from their use of the property, such as claims for abatement and nuisance, and they may face claims from persons asserting adverse property interests, such as claims for easement, adverse possession, and eminent domain. Our real estate litigation attorneys effectively represent landowners facing these type of claims.

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