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At Older Lundy Koch & Martino , our experienced business litigation attorneys are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to understand the factual and legal issues when a dispute arises among the owners of a business.  Disputes among shareholders or partners of a business can arise in a number of ways, including disagreement about the future of the business, how to spend company funds, or day to day operations. Other common disputes involve personal problems affecting the business, such as divorce or bankruptcy or other creditor issues.  When these types of disputes arise, even with a good shareholders or partnership agreement in place, they often lead to litigation.  Our business litigation attorneys represent business owners with the goal of resolving the dispute with the least disruption to the business, whenever possible.

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In addition to resolving disputes among business owners, we are experienced in handling shareholder derivative lawsuits, which is a lawsuit that a corporation’s shareholder brings on behalf of the corporation against a third party. The management of a corporation is normally responsible for bringing and defending lawsuits on behalf of the corporation, but the shareholder derivative lawsuit procedure allows a shareholder to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the corporation under certain circumstances when the management of the corporation fails or refuses to initiate a lawsuit for the corporation. The most common reason that the management of a corporation would fail or refuse to pursue a meritorious lawsuit on behalf of a corporation is that the lawsuit involves allegations of harm or wrongdoing committed by officers, directors and/or other insiders of the corporation. Thus, the most common use of a shareholder derivative lawsuit is to redress harm done to the corporation (and, derivatively, to the various shareholders’ interests in the corporation) by one or more officers, directors or other insiders.

At Older Lundy Koch & Martino , our corporate attorneys regularly represent corporate shareholders, officers, inside directors and outside directors, as well as the interests of the corporation itself.  We zealously represent shareholders harmed by the fraud, mismanagement, and self-dealing of the persons entrusted to manage and oversee the company. We are equally zealous in defending our officer and director clients against claims alleging fraud, mismanagement, and self-dealing.

We have significant experience in litigating shareholder disputes, partner disputes, and shareholder derivative lawsuits. At Older Lundy Koch & Martino , we seek to understand our client’s unique business, ownership relationships, and the circumstances that led to the dispute so that we can best advise our client of all available options, including dispute resolution opportunities.