September 12, 2023

METRO MAGAZINE -The Face of Marchman Act Law: Benjamin Older, Founding Partner at OLDER LUNDY KOCH & MARTINO

Ben Older has practiced family law for over 20 years; many of his cases involve alcohol or drug abuse. Ben’s expertise in these matters, coupled with his passion for helping people address these issues, led to the development of his Marchman Act practice. He is uniquely qualified to navigate these laws, which provide emergency evaluation/treatment for people needing assistance from the court system, either to help a loved one or to defend a case when there has been an unfounded allegation that there is a substance abuse issue.

Ben, together with Michael Lundy, has built one of the largest family law practices in Florida. Providing top-notch legal representation for over two decades, they have expanded to the areas of business litigation, personal injury, estate planning, real estate, land use and more.

OLDER LUNDY KOCH & MARTINO – Tampa, Clearwater, Trinity, Wesley Chapel

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