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At Older Lundy Koch & Martino , our Tampa trademark litigation practice involves the representation of trademark and service mark holders whose marks have been or are being infringed upon, as well as persons and entities who are sued or threatened with trademark infringement litigation by the holders or alleged holders of a mark.

Trademark Lawyer

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The members of Older Lundy Koch & Martino ’s trademark litigation practice understand that your trademark (in the case of goods offered to the public) or service mark (in the case of services offered to the public) are more than just words, logos and symbols. We understand that your trademark represents your brand and all of the time, money and good will expended to build your company’s brand and reputation. And we understand the importance of pursuing your intellectual property rights, which we do creatively and aggressively.

Our Tampa trademark litigation attorneys have substantial experience litigating claims under the Lanham Act, which is the federal act that governs trademark rights and obligations, as well as under state statutes and common law. We handle all types of trademark litigation, including infringement and dilution cases, as well as cyberpiracy cases.

Very often, a trademark infringement case is won or lost at the preliminary injunction phase. We have the experience and resources to mobilize, strategize, and execute quickly to fight for your relief at that stage. We rely on these same attributes when handling your trademark infringement action at trials and on appeal.